Libera Chat IRC Cloaks

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of IRC account cloaks for any player of at least 50th level.


50th level players and above. We choose this as it shows a commitment to the game and community.

Limited to players that are registered with and authenticated to nickserv. Please see this guide for more information on nickserv registration.

Limited to the account that the character is being played on.

Cloaks are of the form: @idlerpg/player/account_name where account_name is the nickserv account name. Due to network requirements account_name is limited to hostname characters so only 0-9, a-z and "-" are valid. Underscores ("_") will be converted to "-" and invalid characters will be dropped.

Cloaks reflect your involvement in the IdleRPG community. As such we ask that you bear this in mind in your actions on the network.

Cloaks will be removed if you stop playing the game.

Do note that the bot currently has no way to track host changes; after a cloak assignment the bot will be unable to automatically log you back in during a split or a bot restart. We suggest users re-login to the bot after their cloak is applied; this will incur no penalty and will ensure that future automatic logins function properly.

Interested players may request a cloak in #idlerpg-discuss. When making a request please provide your character name.

If a user has their idlerpg cloak removed, either by requesting it of Libera staff or by being cloaked by another project, we may choose not to re-apply the idlerpg cloak in the future if the user requests it.

The game administrators reserve the right to refuse to cloak individuals and to remove cloaks at any time.